YA Summer continues with ‘Remember to Forget’ by Ashley Royer(a review)

Remember to Forget
Image courtesy of HarperCollins/Blink

In Remember to Forget by Ashley Royer(HarperCollins Publishing, April 5, 2016), Levi has refused to speak- ever since the tragic death of his girlfriend Delia.

The event was so horrible, that not only does he not speak anymore, but depression and anxiety has taken a toll on his mom and his friends, sending him from therapist to therapist.

Finally, Levi’s mom decides to send him to Maine to live with his dad. Leaving Australia will be daunting and Levi is sure  this will not help…

Until he meets Delilah.

And Delilah eerily reminds him of his late girlfriend.

Check out this quick interview with Ashley Royer now!

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My reaction:


First off, when I  learned this book was written by a seventeen year old honor student, I expected nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster, especially given the backdrop of the story.

However, Ashley Royer created memorable characters and scenes that will easily resonate with teenagers and older folks alike.

Levi is a boy you just want to hold and tell him everything will be alright(but if you read the book, you will understand he does not want that). His depression and anxiety are so palpable that the story nearly pulled some tears out of me.

Second, Delilah is a budding rose of fresh air for everyone. She works in the place where Levi goes for his therapy session. Without giving away too many spoilers, I will say that Delilah and Levi did not hit it off immediately. Still mourning the death of his girlfriend literally controls everything Levi does and does not do.

Finally, the scenes.

Ashley Royer has created memorable scenes perfect for Hallmark cards and poems. From awkward airport moments, to hot chocolate and ice skating, her ability to write such believable scenes and characters and her control over pacing is astounding.

Other than some typos calling Levi “Luke” and other small nuances, this book is great enough as a compelling read for anyone battling depression, but looking for clean, sweet romance.

I highly recommend this one.

If you’d like to learn more about this Wattpad Sensation, please visit her at ashleyroyer.com.

This book was received as an ARC through Netgalley for my unbiased review.


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