Hidden Monster by Amanda Strong, The Monsters Are Among Us(a review)

hidden monster

Hidden Monster
Hidden Monster by Amanda Strong Image courtesy of Clean Teen Publishing

Hidden Monster(Monsters Among Us, #1) Amanda Strong

Clean Teen Publishing (2014)

Cover Design by: Marya Heiman/Typography by: Courtney Nuckels

Book offered for free through Bookbub

4.5 Stars!


Hidden Monster is an enigma.

It was seriously so good and, well, had so many twists, that it left my head spinning.

But the important thing here is that the book is good and let me tell you why.


Here’s the Story:

Samantha is running in the woods when she is suddenly kidnapped, placed in a cabin without food or drink for a few weeks and her captor says five haunting words:

You are my special girl.

He wears a mask and says she will fall in love with him.

Only one boy calls her his special girl, her ex Jeremy. But could it really be him who had captured her?

Samantha escapes the cabin and that is when things get strange. Strange dreams, strange abilities, even her friends are acting strange.

And on top of that, her new neighbor, Blake, who is handsome and so sweet wants to spend time with her, but Samantha does not know who to trust.

Who is the real monster here?

PSSST: As of right now, Hidden Monster is free on Kindle! Grab it now by heading to the link of the title in this post 🙂

My Reaction:

My first reaction to the book was: “Oh wow! Love it!”

Then towards the middle, I was beginning to feel confused and maybe let down? You see, Hidden Monster begins like a suspenseful, teen novel. It really does.

Around the middle, say 50% of the novel, things pick up quickly and there is heart pounding romance and sci/fi. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Confusion gets worse as Samantha tries to figure out what she is and who she can trust. I got a little annoyed because of the long winded explanations and enormous twisty plots but this book still hovers on 4 or 4.5 stars for excellent storytelling and romance.

If you like Stephenie Meyer’s The Host and other novels involving science fiction, and love triangles, then you will really love this one!

Let me know what you think.

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