It’s YA Summer Reading Begins Now

Its ya summer 2016
Image designed by Ericajean using Canva

It’s YA summer 2016 is officially here and already there are some great books, book deals, freebies, and author interviews planned!

I am so excited about this because the YA(young adult) genre is still by far one of the most popular categories, and I want to be your go to person for your book review needs.

So here is what will happen:

  • I will give my honest opinion of a book so you can choose wisely.
  • From now until August 30th, I will review young adult books. Books in other categories will be reviewed on my Goodreads and Amazon pages and I will send out social media buzzes on those.
  • Will provide information on free or discounted books and other giveaways going on.

Please remember to comment, like, subscribe and share so we can kick this summer off right!

It’s YA summer and no one else’s.

Ends August 30th.

Let’s Go!


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