Five Stars and “Feels” for The Blind Date(review)

The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond/Image courtesy of Garden Avenue Press
The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond/Image courtesy of Garden Avenue Press

I recently had the opportunity-and pleasure, ha ha, of reading The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond. This is part of the Love Unexpected series and features BW/WM(black women and white men).

So before I get into why this book was simply delicious, here is a snippet of my review from Amazon:

I was looking for a quick read with many “feels” and I got it. Shawna Ferguson is set up on a blind date by her sister and brother in law and when she meets the guy, it is none other than Ryan Stewart, the man who crushed her heart six years prior. And Shawna is not having it. But, the bad part is that it seems Ryan has become even more good looking and he keeps mentioning that night of unbridled passion they had six years ago… My Reaction: I finished this book in a little less than 24 hours because it was kind of straight to the point.”

Okay, that is all I can give you.

It reminded me of Seven Nights to Surrender because it is a short read of man meets woman, man falls for woman and then there are passionate scenes to torch your nights in bed.

In The Blind Date, Ryan is focused on one thing. Shawna. He shows her he wants her with his touch, his recall of what she likes, his body, flowers and Krispy Kreme donuts- heck yes! he bought the Krispy Kremes, those cracked out donuts of goodness.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Shawna was kind of one dimensional, but comes to life when juxtaposed with Ryan.

I told my husband about the book from beginning to end on my birthday. He amused me by actually asking questions about the characters because for such a short book, there was plenty of drama!

Ok, so stop reading this and make a date with The Blind Date– it is free on Kindle right now!!

*Book offered for free through Bookbub

**Caution! Extremely hot read with actual sex scenes!

Book Details:

The Blind Date(Love Unexpected, #1) by Delaney Diamond

Published by Garden Avenue Pres(2013)

Format: eBook

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