Week 2 #RevofKindness: Gracious Words

This week I had the opportunity to observe kindness everywhere.

What’s amazing are the acts of kindness we are rarely aware of. We take it for granted.

For example, when my husband placed money in an old, homeless man’s hand as we were leaving the grocery store, or the other day when I noticed how trees(living organism) stands proud as it provides homes for birds, squirrels and even shade for us(Have I gone too far with this one?)

Below are verbal “snapshots” of kindness I overheard or watched…

“Gracias”- a lady let me get ahead of her in line while on my lunch break.


“I am blessed to have a daughter like her”- says a woman in an electronic cart whose daughter helped her load and unload groceries.


“Look, someone blessed me with a care package and gift card!”- says a homeless woman who speaks with me often. Grateful to have something.

Did I watch HNN- otherwise known as Horrible News Network?

Nope. I did not. I still have trouble on social media though, clicking on atrocious news every now and then, but I had fewer headaches when I focused on what was good and positive.

Being positive and soaking in positive energy made me feel good. Good enough to share it. I am thankful, grateful and patiently await Week 3!


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