Anything More Than Now by Rebecca Paula

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If you are looking for a classic rainy day fiction starring college kids who want to make it in life who find love, but are confused about love, make love then get confused about it and somehow find their way, then book  is for you.

Noah has loved Reagan from afar for about two years. She chose his best friend-the popular Beau instead and eventually they broke up. Now Noah can have Reagan, but there is a problem.

She is known as the Ice Queen.

And he needs her tutoring services, but she is so wrapped up in finding her lost sister and comparing him to Beau that she treats Noah very cold, until one drunken night…

A very awkward, drunken night that leaves them both confused and yearning more.

My Reaction:

I was not a fan of how Reagan treated Noah towards the end. I find it self-pitying and nearly cold.

Noah was flawed but you can do nothing but love him. Both characters were complex     and I loved how it was set in rainy day Portland.

Unfortunately, I did not read the first book in the series(did not know it was a series at first) , so I am kind of biased against Beau. I don’t have a clear grasp on his relationship with Reagan.

In summary, this novel was decent.

Have you read a Rebecca Paula book? Specifically in the Sutton College series? Let me know what you think!

*Please visit Rebecca Paula’s website via the link below.

**eGalley received for free from Netgalley

Book Details:

Anything More Than Now,#2 by Rebecca Paula

Cover Design by Maggie Hall

ISBN: 978099073955


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