Give Me Bod, a quick cyborg romance

moon over mountains
Image by Matthew McElwaine


Give Me Bod(A Cyborg Story)

His whole body was a funny poem. Spiky ebony hair, great tan, eight pack abs, chrome fixtures above his right temple and entire right side- indicating his nature as a cyborg, but with heart shaped lips and a laugh that was sexy. They were full, perfectly shaped. Pink-ish. Cyborgs aren’t supposed to have beautiful lips, right?

Amza allowed his hands to roam down the side of her body. He took his sweet time.

They were alone, in the small alcove of the underground city. She was sure he didn’t like her, considering how lecherous he was with other women cyborgs. She was the only human there, slim not “well stacked” like the female cyborgs, but here he was smoothing his hands over her skin touching her as if she were sexy.

“If you want to make him jealous,” he began, talking about her abusive, loser boyfriend. “You can start by using me.”

Bod didn’t have to say anything else, Amza grabbed his face and kissed him hard, surprised by the moan falling from both of them, like the humming a thousand bees, or the groaning of a few instruments during a symphony. His hands stayed around her waist.

For real or for play, Bod wanted her.

And she wanted him.

By the light of the moon she could see his chrome fixture on the side of his head glowing, his right eye shining like a star. He was beautiful and pulling her in for a deeper kiss.

Amza caught a shadow flicker along the wall just as Bod trailed warm kisses down the side of her neck…

The End

©Copyright 2016 Erica Jean

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