Are You Allowing Others’ Reviews to Influence Your Review?

Book reading in black and white and vintage colors
Photo taken by Karoly Czifra/Image Design by Ericajean

This post is just off the top of my head, but I promise it holds truth. My truth- as a book reviewer and please let me know if you feel this way at all.

For instance, I just finished reading an amazing “how to” book by Wendy Vincent and reviewed it on Goodreads. But after I posted my review, I could see the book received mostly three stars and four stars on Amazon(which is good).

I posted my five star review and said to myself, “Thank goodness I did not look at the starred reviews before posting my own opinion.”

Don’t get me wrong. Reading in itself is subjective, therefore a review will be subjective.

But what made me give Wendy Vincent’s book five stars is because I went in hungry.

That’s right.

Before I downloaded the book I wanted to know exactly:

  • What a freelancer does
  • Some interviews/case studies from real freelance writers
  • Some tips
  • Some forms or guides I can copy
  • Give me some places that will pay me for my writings

And so the book answered all those questions and more.

So in my eyes, it is a five starred book.

It also promises you will be a successful freelance writer in 30 days, but I suppose that is if you follow the book to the letter.

Anyway, reviews are subjective, depending on what you are looking for in a book.

Here’s another example.

The romance novel I am reading now-the cover is definitely hot. The blurb on the back was very promising and so as I began reading, some parts of it was unexpected but it still kind of delivers.

And my review will reflect that.

Is it possible to read other reviews and be influenced? If so, how much influence does it have on a reviewer?

As a reviewer there have been times I have peeked at others’ reviews while writing mine and became slightly- just slightly swayed by their opinions.

If you were looking for tips and tricks on how not to be swayed by others’ choices then, sorry I do not have any to offer at this time as human experience have taught me one thing: we all want to be belong and are influenced without even realizing it. Certainly it is possible that we can all come to the same conclusion about a poorly written book without being influenced but what about those books that have reviews all over the place?

I swear, I have seen books get five stars, two stars and one lonely star and after reading the reviews I am left wondering- Was the book really that good/bad?

From one fellow reviewer to another, you can be strong. It does not matter if you review books, music, movies- it all boils down to what you thought about the book. Even if you are the only one to give it five stars, so be it.

Okay, there you have it. I told you I had no secret tips, but I guess “be strong” was a tip, eh?

Love yall 🙂




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