A Girl’s Guide to Moving On (a review)

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Moving on can’t be that hard if you have a guide right?

Nichole discovers that her husband Jake has been unfaithful and decides to divorce him. Leanne, Nichole’s mother-in-law, is going through a similar experience with her own unfaithful husband and decides after thirty-five years to finally call it quits. Together they create a guide for how to move own after a breakup/divorce and together they will rely on each other for strength as they embark on their newly, single lives.

My Reaction:

This is my first Debbie Macomber book, and I was delightfully surprised. A little peeved that I did not know it was the second book in a series and not the first, but you will not get lost either way.

What made my heart skip several beats reading this book were the confessions of love from Rocco to Nichole and Nikolai to Leanne. The men portrayed in this book were multifaceted and shaped by their experiences. Some for the better and some for worse.

Nikolai came off as possessive. Passionate, sweet, loves baking bread, but boy he knows what he wants and sometimes it turned me off, because he was just too much to handle. But Rocco drives tow trucks, owns his own business and does not have a squeaky clean background, yet even he finds words from his heart to make me melt,

“I don’t know what love is between a man and a woman…but this gut wrenching ‘I would die for you’ feeling is beyond anything I’ve experience.”(A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, 2016: Macomber, D.)

Between these beautiful confessions of love from the new men in the women’s lives and watching the ex husbands’ bitterness-meter go up, I had a fun time reading this one.

However, be warned. It packs an emotional punch . Debbie can tell a story and make you fall in love with the characters in her books.

Ready to experience the case of the exes, sweet macho men and great storytelling? Good. You can order A Girl’s Guide to Moving On from Amazon today.

Book Details:

A Girl’s Guide to Moving On(New Beginnings, #2), Debbie Macomber

Published: Ballantine Books(February 2016)

ISBN: 978-0-553-39192-3

*Book received free for my unbiased review from Netgalley




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