Did I Mention I Need You, #2 in Addictive DIMILY Series(review)

Did I Mention I Need You, #2 by Estelle Maskame
Did I Mention I Need You, #2 by Estelle Maskame

What I like most about DIMINY, is the story does not follow the pattern I, as the reader think it should go.

Estelle massacres emotions with her awesome storytelling ability. Chopping and screwing with it, then at some places she applies the balm and keep it moving.

Love it.

So DIMINY picks up where DIMILY left off. Eden’s stepbrother Tyler has been living in New York for a year now getting his life together, speaking across the globe about child abuse, while Eden plans for college and lives a normal life with the very sweet Dean.

Dean who is Tyler’s best friend.

In DIMILY, Eden and Tyler planned for Eden to come to New York to visit him and stay for six weeks. Of course this does not sit well with Eden’s mother and it definitely does not sit well with Dean.

And for Eden, she believes all will be well because Tyler should have gotten over her by now, right?

My Reaction.

I think I liked Eden more in the first book. Not that she has become a mean person or anything in DIMINY, but she has changed in many ways. Many of her characteristics I loathe: she questions Tyler about him moving on when she herself has a boyfriend, she seems unable to handle her emotions properly and a few times poor Tyler slips back into his old self making me sigh with wariness.

But here is the cherry on top: The characters seem real. They face tough decisions and I have to keep remembering these are young folk so I guess they are wired differently from us older folk in how they handle things.

But kudos to Tyler! Loved him in this book. He holds my heart in this series.

I am still quite stunned that a teenager created this book. She has greater command of story and characterization than fifty year old English professors. Absolutely amazing.

Loved it!

This book was received as an ARC through Netgalley for my unbiased review.


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