He is Devoted With Every Kiss, Every Touch

Book cover is not my own, courtesy of Lost Coastline Media/ Blog Design belongs to me Ericajean


Heart pounding love she never thought she’d find…

Brianna Hendricks lives for the fast life: partying, men, and wild nights with men. And she does not see much more for herself until Bradley Sheppard appears in her life during her best friend’s wedding and he is committed to showing Brianna just how much he thinks of her in every way possible no matter where they are.

Brianna is so used to being someone’s bed toy that when Bradley show her love or when any of his actions seem a bit “off” to hurt, she is easily hurt so she brushes it off. But they both have secrets and those secrets can destroy them both

Warning! This book is fire. And it involves SWIRL, which means it is an interracial novel with bw/wm.

My reaction:

Ok, so *Yawn* two person POV is my peeve, but Sadie Black offers a clear view into the characters Bradley and Brianna. It was actually well thought out and the plot was engaging. It kept me on the edge of my seat to be honest.

I do wish there was more editing done to the book. I make mistakes in my own writing as well, I’m just saying some words could have been left out or moved, etc.

A flaming hot book. Have oven mitts on for this one, ladies!

But overall, I give this book a generous 4 stars because it held my attention, had memorable characters and definitely, Ms. Black kept it sizzling!


Book Details:

Devoted: A BWWM Pregnancy Romance, Sadie Black

Publisher: Lost Coastline Media(July 24, 2015)



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