Bookishly Ever After, a Bookworm’s HEA


Sixteen year old Phoebe Martins is a true bookworm. The book carrying, book quoting, bookish teen is about to experience swoon overload, just like in one of her books.

And one day she learns the hottest boy from the clarinet section, Dev- may actually ha a crush on her and things get crazy from there.

Bookishly Ever After serves up a tall dish of swoon worthy book boyfriends, but with some bumps along the way.

Check out my goodreads review for more about Isabel Bandeira’s novel!

To be clear, this is aptly titled Ever After Book 1: Bookishly Ever After, so if you’re like me then you are thirsting for the second book.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons about this bookish novel and you decide if it is to your taste:


  • Every book reader’s dream is to meet that handsome guy from the stories.
  • Phoebe’s character is absolutely relatable.
  • The book boyfriend, Dev is definitely hot and sweet.
  • What can go wrong in a book that involves knitting and archery too?(Yeah, Phoebe is phenomenal, folks)


  • Phoebe can act really slow sometimes. I mean, she is a teen and I used to have my slow moments, but come on, take a hint already.
  • The inclusion of snippets from the books Phoebe reads. At first this was ok with me. I did not mind reading the chapters of books Phoebe reads and some of it was interesting, but when I want to get back to Phoebe and Dev- that is all I want at the moment.

Want to learn more about this amazing author, Isabel Bandeira and her glitter addiction? Check out her website(please do, the Extras are actually amazing!)

Disclaimer: I received this book as a temporary download from Freading. But the book can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers.

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