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Warning: ‘Aaren’ Will Cause a Slow Burn and Insomnia

Book cover courtesy of CreateSpace/ Blog Image design by Ericajean/Image of stars from
Book cover courtesy of CreateSpace/ Blog Image design by Ericajean/Image of stars from

I just finished reading T.A. Ford’s *Aaren and…Holy crap! This book was so good I had goose bumps in my sleep and imagined that Lifetime would scoop this one up quick.

I seriously lost some sleep folks. Insomnia ruled this week.

Aaren Robinson is a hot shot lawyer in New York about to divorce her husband when she receives the news her father has passed away. So she leaves home without telling her hubby and goes to Penns Point Kentucky to bury her father and oh Lord, the handsome Jarrod Pennington is there.

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Jarrod, her first love. The judge’s son. The judge’s white son whom she fell for fourteen years ago.

And when I say the manure hit the fan hard. I mean it. All kinds of skeletons fly out of the closet in this book.

Betrayal, whodunit mystery, murder, brawls, adultery…on and on. All the while I am sitting up past midnight swiping the screen to the next page on my Kindle app, wondering if Aaren and Jarrod even have a chance. Considering the fact she is still so married to her chocolate honey at home. A honey she never loved.

Anytime I am missing sleep reading a book, knowing full well I have to be up before 6a.m., it is a darn good book.

Kudos Ms. T.A Ford!

If you want to learn more about the author of this five star novel, please head over to T.A. Ford’s Amazon Page and check out her Diva Pen Stories!

*Book received for free from Bookbub.

Book Details:

Aaren by T.A. Ford

CreateSpace/ Amazon Digital Services(May 26, 2010)







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