Before Sunday by LD Crichton(a wattpad review)

Sexy passion couple, beautiful young female and male faces closeup, studio shot
Sexy passion couple, beautiful young female and male faces closeup, studio shot

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Lola makes one wish.

To experience a love so deep that it hurts.

The next morning a gorgeously hot guy, Jackson Sunday, is sitting on her bed claiming he is the answer to her wish and he is her husband in the future…ten years in the future.

Lola questions the guy wondering if he is indeed psycho.

But then when she isn’t near him she is so ill, it breaks her down. And when she is around she feels right as rain.

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Could this be real? Is it true that he is her dream man and husband from the future?

My Reaction:

I sat up all night to read this. And folks who know me by my reviews know that if I am finished with your book within 1-2 days, then it was stellar.

And “Before Sunday” was as sweet as the cupcake Lola wished on and just as emotional. The anguish, the bitterness, the passion between her and Jackson is palpable.

There were small blunders here and there such as word order and tiny plot confusion here and there but it doesn’t matter- the story was delectable and earns five stars from me.

About LD Crichton

LD Crichton is a sought after writer who has written the only official One Direction fan fiction and she has over 62,000 pre-existing fans who love her works.

She has other books out that readers just gush about, so if you aren’t too busy you may want to immerse yourself in these beautifully broken stories about beautifully broken people.


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