Isle of Hope Will Steal Your Heart

ABANNER_She stole his heart

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Julie Lessman, author of my favorite Daughters of Boston Series has created a contemporary work brimming with so much family, emotion and OMG romance, I don’t know where to begin.

Isle of Hope

In the beginning there has always been Lacey and Jack.

Jack, the son of a pastor has always loved Lacey. Lacey adored Jack and they became engaged, but between her always obtuse and angry father and confused feelings about her being all Jack needed…she left.

For ten years.

Now Lacey has found God, but Jack.

Jack has changed in some significant ways. And for me this is the crux of the story along with subplots and minor characters who are never minor in Lessman’s books.

How Do I Feel About this book?

To start I fell in love with Lacey and Jack.

And without giving too much away, I love Tess(Jack’s mom) and her tenacious love for God and family.

But Lessman’s classic writing style: description and character shines through on this one. At times I felt I was being swept away into another of her fantastic historical with a few words that were being used like “passel”(meaning a bunch of kids).

It is so hard to go deeper with the story without giving away spoilers, but I can say this, I am ever delighted to be holding this ebook in my hands and enjoying Lacey and Jack’s adventure back to Christ. Family. And love.

It is so hilarious how the tables have turned concerning Jack and Lacey and their polite banter that turns flaming hot at times, is enough to require a cool swig of water.

And the ending…

Will leave you wanting even more.

Julie, keep writing for us. Don’t stop. That’s an order! 🙂


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