My Netflix Nights: ‘Person of Interest’ Caught Mine

Taraji P. Henson(left), Jim Caviezel(center), and Michael Emerson(right)
Taraji P. Henson(left), Jim Caviezel(center), and Michael Emerson(right)

“You are being watched.”(Opening tagline to Person of Interest show)

With an amazing writer like Jonathan Nolan(co-writer for The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Interstellar), along with amazing producing from JJ Abrams, it is little wonder that Person of Interest’s pilot episode drew 13.2 million viewers in 2011.

The appeal of the show however lies with three characters who all have my heart but especially one in particular(and it is not who you think).

Dreamy Eyed, Ex-CIA in a Suit

John Reese played by Jim Caviezel, was GreenBeret/CIA Operative and down on his luck in the first episode.

He fights off some thugs on a subway who think he is just a grizzly beard homeless guy. But boy when Jim Caviezel cleans up later- WHEW! With those eyes  and that jawline, I knew he played on another film, but where?

The Passion of Christ.

I totally did not know.

But he looks darn good in a suit and fights extremely well in it too. He is probably the main reason my eyes stay glued to the screen. But what’s so captivating about Jim is his voice. A melodious reed to our ears that drizzles honey and venom all at once. Outstanding.

The Chocolate Sista We Know From Baby Boy and Empire

I totally did not know that Taraji P. Henson(Detective Jocelyn “Joss” Carter) would be playing in this show.

When I clicked on the Add to My List button, I was going by the description of the show, but when I saw her name come up in the credits, I was like. “Alright now!”

She truly has been one of my favorite actresses since her role in Baby Boy.

And in this show, Taraji uses her classic distrustful-scrunch face expression whenever she is trying to find and/or understand Reese.  taraji expression

I also dig how a brown-skinned woman is playing such an important role in a show on American television.

Now, what really holds my attention is when she has like these half smile moments with Jim Caviezel(Reese) on the show. I detect sparks between them somewhere…?

Billionaire, Genius, Ultimate….Human?

This one holds my heart.

Michael Emerson plays as Finch, the one who finds Reese and offers him the job of protecting people.

At first, Finch comes off as some nerd with glasses with a stiff, awkward walk(because of an accident). He talks slowly but he is very smart.

Yet as you watch the entire first season as I have, you realize that Finch has such a huge heart and compassion for people, it makes you weep.

And it is attractive to me.

He and Reese go off and fight crime together along with Detective Carter. They form a powerful, vigilant team and I can’t wait to see more of them in season 2 of Netflix.


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