All the Things We Never Knew by Sheila Hamilton (a review)

All the things we never knew, Sheila hamilton
Image courtesy of Seal Press

*Book received for free from Netgalley(an uncorrected proof)

If you have ever lost someone to suicide, then this memoir told from not just a radio personality, but a widow who did not know- sheds light and hope on the issue.

“But how much of David’s behavior was the illness and how much was the stubborn(SOB) doing exactly what he pleased? Where did the illness begin and the self disappear?”(63)

 In All the Things We Never Knew, radio personality/reporter, Sheila Hamilton recounts the somber details of her husband’s descent into severe mental illness and eventually his suicide. Their romance begins sweetly enough with passion and curiosity. But there are some things about David that Sheila mentions yet stores away as normal or “just his personality”. Kind of reminds me of another book I reviewed recently.

But there is some foreshadowing of her husband’s illness on the day of their wedding, as witnessed by Sheila’s sister.

My reaction:

As a reader you are aware of how the story ends-obvious from the blurb. But getting there- going through the sludge of hurt along with Sheila as she experiences the pain of her husband’s infidelities, his confusion, warped behavior and outbursts of anger and how utterly alone she is- is brutal to the senses.

It is almost as if she tries to make her way inside his mind and comes up against locked doors. Just what is wrong with David?

Her story is the story of many. Stories of why would someone you love commit suicide? David leaves behind a beautiful daughter, friends and family. But Sheila does not leave us in the dark completely. Her book is part memoir, part warning. There are helpful sections before each chapter which highlights a certain aspect of bipolar disorders, statistics and other helpful information.

5/5 Stars

Book Title: All The Things We Never Knew

Author: Sheila Hamilton

Publish Date: October 20, 2015 Uncorrected Proof

ISBN: 978-1-58005-584-0


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