Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade (a review)

Undeniably Yours, Becky WadeUndeniably Yours could have had so much more going for it. Perhaps more interaction between Bo and Meg, because to be completely honest, it seems the love at first sight was one sided.


Meg Cole’s father just passed away leaving her with the task of owning Cole oil. She is now a multimillion dollar heiress, and her first task?

Close down Whispering Creek’s thoroughbred racehorse farm.

The horse farm is run by the very handsome Bo Porter and when he meets Meg to discuss the farm, he is surprised by her vulnerability and he falls for her immediately. But can Meg trust him after being hurt by a sociopath in the past? And is running Cole Oil really in God’s plan for her?

One thing was for sure- Bo was smitten:

“I can’t do many things, he said fiercely. “But I can love you, Meg. I can love you every hour of every day for the rest of my life.”(pg. 191)

However, Undeniably Yours has sweetness, compassion and tear- jerky moments: The way Meg is fascinated with Bo’s tattoo on his arm (she constantly mentions he is hot) and her love for the elderly gardener Mr. Son, who barely speaks but who is always present and she even takes compassion on a young woman who claims to have been with Meg’s ex.

The high octane moment was when Meg’s crazy ex shows up and you are thrust into the Christian version of Criminal Minds…

If you love contemporary moments with the heat of love while still clean and enjoyable, then Becky Wade’s books are decent reads. She is also the author of My Stubborn Heart.

Visit Beck Wade’s website for more information on her books and other projects.

*First review appearance on Examiner.com

Book Details:

Undeniably Yours, Becky Wade

Published: Bethany House Publishers(2013)

ISBN: 978-1-4412-6140-3

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