Eve: A Novel by WM. Paul Young (a review)

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Eve by Wm. Paul Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Advanced copy given for free from Netgalley(uncorrected proof)

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If I can give Eve five more stars, I would.

Eve is a gorgeously written, complex story about the weight of terrifying freedom. If you’ve read WM. Paul Young’s other works, most notably The Shack, then you will be prepared for this riveting, colorful portrayal of Genesis, which happens to be our beginning and end.

The story begins when Lilly Fields, a young girl we can assume is a teen- is washed ashore to a place and time as the only survivor and John the Collector finds her in a box, body broken and barely alive. John has been having conversations with Eve- yes, the Eve. Adam’s Eve. Lilly also has conversations with Eve but John and the others do not know this. Lilly is a broken, damaged, confused woman, but what is God’s final verdict on the matter? And what is so important that Eve must tell Lilly? And what truly happened in the garden of Eden?

My Reaction:

I am such a fan of WM. Paul Young because like Tosca Lee, he takes ancient truths and spell it out for us in gorgeous literary work.

At first I was very confused. The characters’ conversations had me on edge as I tried to piece together where they were. When we read, we read for atmosphere and character, but our brains will want to eventually know a place and time, and the author has placed Lilly, John and other characters outside of normal time.

A potential pitfall for this book(for those who care about such things) could be the portrayal of Eve. In The Shack, God is an African American woman while the Holy Spirit is Asian and Jesus is Arabic. Well, in Eve- Eve is described as very dark skinned.

Also, I found myself highlighting multiple passages because they struck my heart, like this one:

“My daughters compete and war one against another for men and family, as if these could produce what we hoped…the weight of this truth crushed Lilly…we turned away from God.”(Young, 2015: Eve)

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