One Night With a Rock Star by Chana Keefer(a review)

One Night With a Rock StarReady for a story that will rock your boots off?

One Night With a Rock Star by Chana Keefer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Ever read the Book of Esther in the bible or seen One Night with the King? Well, this book alludes to it. Out of all the young women Sky could have chosen, something was special about Esther

Imagine having the opportunity to spend one, glorious night with your idol. The one whose poster hangs on your wall and you find him incredibly handsome, his songs really speak to your soul…you are just smitten with this untouchable person.

That is what happens to Esther in One Night a Rock Star. One evening her friend finds a way to get them to a concert where Sky is performing and Esther has a chance encounter with the magnificent Sky. This encounter will prove to be the ripple in both their worlds, changing how they view love and God across time and distance.

My Reaction:

One Night With a Rock Star began in a confusing place for me. I assume it is Esther twenty years later speaking with her child(?) or just a child about how she met Sky. From that little prologue the whirlwind romance began and it was so refreshing to finally find a Christian book that has some edge to it. Sky is sensual, sexual, but all compassion and his affections toward Esther is so sweet.

The question that really bugged me was: Will they make it?

With Esther being in college and Sky on tour, things got complicated real fast. In fact there were several moments that were electric between them and I wanted it to continue, but it kept fading out. I suppose the author kept it real. Stars have very busy lives.

One issue I have is that Esther seems to be the shy girl type and in the beginning describes herself as thin and with unruly hair. But on the night she meets Sky she suddenly blossoms after putting on a velvet dress. And she actively seeks modeling gigs which means she has some kind of self esteem to begin with.

I am also not a fan of Esther’s father- you will learn why.

The book’s overall message is positive. Even when faced with temptations and hardships, put God first. Be that beacon of light because you never know who is watching you, wanting what you have.

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