Review: Dangerous Personalities and How to Protect Yourself From Them

Life would feel a little more safer if you had a trusted FBI Profiler by your side right? Someone who has over four decades of experience dealing with crazy people and who certainly makes no excuses for them.

Dangerous Personalities is the book to have. This is one of those books that I call the must haves and not the “must borrow”. Navarro and Poynter have put all their efforts into helping you spot a potential danger. And what is really scary is that it could be anyone.

“Some predators are pillars of communities-veterans, churchgoers, volunteers, scout leaders, coaches and public officials.”(139)

Navarro even mentions a time when he was a child and witnessed a guy taking photos of children at the beach. As a child he did not know that was the markings of a pedophile.

The different personality Types



The Predator

And the Combo Personality type(most dangerous)

The most dangerous, in my opinion is the predator, although they are all toxic people. The predator takes what is yours and hunt you down. They feel you are less than they are and that they have a “right” to harm and kill you. And some types combine for a terrible result. Narcissism +Paranoia=a dictator and cult leader who will create a bloodbath.

How to Get the Most Out of This Book

Navarro gives you  clues to look for when you are dating, working, or just hanging out with people. In fact, after reading this book you may experience paranoia because he is brutally honest. Infamous killers like Ted Bundy, Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine shooters, Adolf Hitler- may be dead but their copies are here.

-If you sense something unstable about a person, leave them alone and fast. Wives and young women have died because they realized something too late.

-Get a support system

-When you walk outside, walk with a sense of purpose and avoid tall leaves and trees(predators hide behind them, kind of like lions stalking prey).

My Overall Reaction:

I love books that want to help me. And this book includes case studies, checklists and research from experts.

Each chapter also includes very frightening and tragic stories right from recent headlines.

Do not expect a book about why these unstable personalities are the way they are or how they came to be. Navarro makes it crystal clear the victims do not care why someone would bomb a building or slice up their loved one and we shouldn’t either.

The book is simply a guide on how to protect yourself from a dangerous personality.

I highly recommend this one.

*Book received for review from Netgalley.


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