Beauty Review: AMBI Soap and Skin Challenge

AMBI  Soap Box
AMBI Soap Box

Hopefully what I discover, will help you in your skin care regime.

Edit: For my personal experiment, I will use AMBI along with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to clear my skin.

My Skin Betrays Me

So there I was putting on my summer dress I have not worn in at least four years and when I stood before the tall mirror, I gasped.

Erica Discolored3

Now. Where. Did. THAT. Come from?

I am brown skinned but there were discoloration hues beginning from my neck, shoulders and arms on down.

Basically wherever my short sleeve shirts for the past five years have been covering. I am the shade of Muenster cheese from the neck down now. And my pretty summer dress barely hid that fact. It looked as if I had gone to the beach and tried to trick the sun; and I don’t do beaches in Virginia. Too hot.

My husband sat on the bed and said, “Well, do you have a nice blouse to wear over it?”

I did, but it ruined the “beautifying moment”. I yanked off the dress and pulled on a skirt and nice shirt before we went out.

Ambi Soap (1)

AMBI to the Rescue…I hope.

I remember AMBI soap from the 90s when mom used to have it in the medicine cabinet. A beige box with a weird design on the front.

I did some online searches to seek products to help even skin tone problems. It is such an unattractive problem to have and I am far from vain. I hadn’t cared this long.

But it is summer and that means being able to wear my arms out and back exposed occasionally.

The Challenge.

With some research I found that my skin discoloration could be due to sun damage. Yes. It is quite possible for blacks. And so here is what I found to be the solution:

I need for my skin to glow like when I was 21 years old.

I will test out the black soap theory an report back to you.

If you want to keep updated on how I am doing with this skin thing, please subscribe or add me to your blog reader. Follow my Tweets and everything.

If you have any skin advice for me, I am all ears.

Have a great day!


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