‘Pieces of Light’ the Finale to a Great Trilogy

Pieces of Light by Julie Cave

Pieces of Light is the final book in the Dinah Harris Mystery Series and it is more explosive and more revealing than the last two books. And finally, a few of my curiosities are settled.


Washington D.C. is in the grips of an angry serial bomber- that targets churches. Former FBI agent Dinah Harris is consulted on the case and what she discovers is not too far from where our national headlines are now. On the heels of the case is a couple’s dying marriage and the serious affects of spousal abuse and other forms of darkness that can etch itself in someone’s soul. Former characters from before are back in this thriller.

My Reaction

One of my questions was answered when Dinah finally took an interest in a guy and I am so glad she does(sorry I have to get this out first before getting to the dark stuff). He is tall and handsome and causes Dinah to question her reactions to him. Again, this is an overtly Christian book so hooking up and doing more than kissing doesn’t happen. Affection, but no more than that.

What I love most about Julie Cave’s novels is that she presents a clear case for both sides of an argument. When asked why he bombs churches, the bomber gives an answer I am sure we have all heard:

“Christians are well known for their hypocrisy. Every time I turn on the news, another pastor or evangelist or well-known Christian admits to having affairs or being a drug addict or embezzles funds…and I stopped believing in Him.”(pg. 267).

Pieces of Light totally gripped me from the first page, which begins with a letter from an inmate a year earlier. The writing and the information in this novel contains a potent message for this world.

Some may get turned off by the evangelically rich dialogue between characters but through sharing God’s Word in the plot, I could see clearly those pieces of light which makes this series a winner.

5/5 Stars!!!!!!

Book Details:

Pieces of Light(A Dinah Harris Mystery, #3), Julie Cave

Master Books(2011)

ISBN: 978-0-89051-608-9


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