Deadly Consequences and Theological Thoughts in ‘Deadly Disclosures’

Deadly Disclosures: A Dinah Harris Mystery

Deadly Disclosures: A Dinah Harris MysteryDeadly Disclosures: A Dinah Harris Mystery by Julie Cave

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A prominent Secretary of the Smithsonian vanishes and is found dead.

FBI agent Dinah Harris is summoned to the case, but she has a problem. A drinking problem and it will take an act of God for her to get through this case which will shake the foundation of the Smithsonian and America as she knows it.

The case goes deeper as Dinah realizes there is more at stake here than just a missing Secretary. More dead bodies pile up as she and her partner Ferguson discovers that this case is one of faith versus science:

“…you really don’t want anyone to practice any religion except atheism, right?” Dinah said mildly. That doesn’t sound like freedom of religion to me; that sounds like religious persecution.”(pg.257)

Deadly Disclosures is an exciting mystery portraying the views of the humanists/evolutionists and the Creationists/Christians and those who will literally kill for their beliefs. The book has intelligent dialogue, believable crime scenes, and you can tell the book has been thoroughly researched.

Although the book has five star status, some people may find Dinah too dry and cold. Her personality was really stale and her drinking booze every day and night is seen as a hindrance to her relationship with others. However, she does have a devastating story as to why she drinks and wishes to die.

Another potential pitfall for readers could be how atheists and Christians are portrayed. You’ve seen this in faith films: Atheists are the bad guys and Christians are the nice, sweet people.

A very entertaining book that begs you to keep turning the pages.

*Book received for free from Julie Cave for an unbiased review.

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Book Details:

Deadly Disclosures: A Dinah Harris Mystery, #1

Julie Cave

Master Books(2010)

ISBN: 978-0-89051-584-6


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