Review: Promote Your Book Using Over 250 Low Cost Techniques

book promotion, patricia fryWe are in the Dawn of the Enterprising Author. This means you are trying to eliminate the middle person and conduct your own book publishing business. Patricia Fry is a career writer who has written hundreds, perhaps thousands of articles and she shares her secrets here in this book which she has perfected over the years and many of these techniques (the ones which uses social media)we use day to day anyway.

As an author myself, I combed this book from the middle, to the front and the end because many of techniques do not have to be read in order, but you must start with  Chapter One and Two: Book Promotion Basics and Things to Do Before Your Book is Published, so you may understand the mechanism of the publishing industry first. Basically, whatever genre you wish to write in, study that market. As an eBook publisher myself, I wish I had done this part first, but it is truly never too late.

We all understand about Tweeting and Facebooking our books. But Fry has solid advice on getting out there,

“Attend conferences given by publishing professionals, read books by the experts, and review novels and self help books.”

Here are some more tips you should think about to get your book noticed. As I stated before, I purposely ignored the social media, internet marketing tips because I am trying to combine social media with “old school marketing”:

  • Design and Teach Courses related to your topic or genre-teach what you know via the web or in person. People will want your book and learn more from you.
  • Tap into the library market– start delivering your book FREE to the libraries and become a guest author speaker.
  • Get out there and talk about your book– join to hone your public speaking skills.
  • Start at the Schools– Wrote a book for children? Schools want books like that, and Patricia Fry lists resources on where to send your book and get started.

In the beginning, the only problem I had with this book is that Patricia would not go into detail on how to do certain things for your book, she recommends her other books for you to buy or someone else’s book, for further explanation. It wasn’t until I saw the appendix that I realized she did in fact put a sample press release in the back to glean from. Kudos!

Still, this book is full of information to kick you in the pants and get you marketing that awesome book of yours.

Four stars!

You may want to get this book today.

Book Details/Ordering Information

Promote Your Book: Over 250 Proven, Low-Cost Tips and Techniques for the Enterprising Author

Author: Patricia Fry

Publisher: Allworth Press(August 10, 2011)


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