4 Experiences eBooks Cannot Deliver(Thoughts When My Nook Crashed)

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*P.S. This post may contradict my earlier posts…

Nook Issues

A few weeks ago, I made the confession that I have not been reading for pleasure due to the high volume of books I requested from book publishers.

Part of that problem stems from me being able to download books quickly(paid or free) to my Nook Tablet without having to wait for it to be delivered, but with my Nook not cooperating by deregistering itself in the middle of the night and not charging properly- it made me think on how much I miss print books…

eBooks Cannot Deliver, The Scent.

Almost every bookworm I know confess this. Tablets are cold and hard but we value its sleek shine and glass. I want the smell of “just off the press”. Tablets do not offer this. I don’t know how to explain this. My mouth waters when I smell the scent of a new book just purchased- perhaps I know it is mine and hard work went into it? Kind of like  soul food?

eBooks Cannot deliver, The Gloss and Matte

My recent plan to read for enjoyment and understanding has already taken off. And with that I began reading a book with the glossy cover and the crinkled pages. I miss that! While reading the story I occasionally flip the book closed just to see the design on the front or I smooth my hands over it.

I like matte finished books too. Matte finished is dull, no luster , but who cares?

eBooks Cannot Deliver, The Library-Bookstore Experience

During my reflection, I was like, “Gosh! I miss the actual library!” I recently moved away from the closest one and I miss being able to order DVDs and books to pick up from my favorite library.

Libraries have since updated and followed the “digital crowd”. You can download eBooks from your library online at Freading and libraries offer computer services just like career centers and school does.

At least you can still go down each aisle and pick a book or join a club.

I combined bookstores in this list because they both hold similar experiences. It was in a library that Octavia Butler was recommended to me. It was in a bookstore that I had the best tasting strawberry cake and latte while reading a sensual manga. It was also where I could hear discussions ranging from sex to religion.

eBooks Cannot Deliver, Longevity

I spent nine bucks last year on a brand new Nook cord just so it can charge and I could slide books from ADE(Adobe Digital Editions) to my tablet, but noooo. This year I had to curl up, bend up and tape up said cord and now I can basically play Pandora on my tablet, but all my non-B&N books are lost. Again.

Here is what I am proposing. Let us not put too much faith in our devices. I still do not own a Smartphone but I have managed nicely(ok, I should buy one soon) but when bookstores shut down because of the Digital Age I must question: Does this mean  print words should die?

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “4 Experiences eBooks Cannot Deliver(Thoughts When My Nook Crashed)

  1. I love to read, but books are heavy for me to handle right now (with the arthritis in my hands). I would love to try a Nook or Kindle for reading.

    • Oh my! And this is where having a tablet is incredibly handy. I’ve done some posts on the positive side of having an eReader as well. I love the Nook Tablet because it is all I know. They should make better cords though…

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