Taming the Book Reviewer…

Book reviewing should come with a warning sign.


There was a time when I would glide my fingers across a shiny cover, while inhaling the scent of fresh paper and then open it up to take my time S-L-O-W-L-Y reading the beautiful morsels of a book. The pleasure of whispers from another soul. A person writing a letter to me. To all. Creating tales for entertainment or a memoir so we can laugh and cry with them and when I am done, I feel intoxicated, heady from so much information. I take a break and then reload with another adventure.

Not so in the last six or seven years.

I joined a Bethany House, Harpers Collins, and recently- Netgalley.

I began clicking on book after book before finishing the one in my hand. So a few things happened:

  • I began to read books faster to complete them by the deadline (Netgalley’s ebooks time out after 54 days).
  • I would purposely go online to see which books I can review for free ignoring the one in my hand.
  • I got turned down by some publishers because, well, I read roughly 60% of the 100% books sent to me and that is not good.

To be quite honest, I try my best to read everything I request and I have done a pretty darn good job of it, but lately I find myself clicking on more books than I can read and get headaches, literally because my days are filled pondering what my next book will be and how soon can I finish this one…

I am currently reading three books all at once.


My writing has suffered as well. The last time I wrote a book was in 2013- oh my poor fans!

So I am making a declaration:

I will read for pleasure and talk about books on my Examiner page and add them to my Goodreads shelf, but I will take my time and request less.

I have to do this to keep my sanity ya’ll.

Ever felt this way?

Talk to me Bookworms.


5 thoughts on “Taming the Book Reviewer…

  1. I enjoy reviewing games and anime. Doing it as a profession would suck however as you have to check out everything (even if it isn’t your cup of tea.) Plus there’s no time to revisit titles you enjoyed as you have to keep covering the latest thing.

    • Exactly! Whats really bad for me is that I can choose the genre but some of them I find I cannot finish because I am trying to move on to the next book or it is boring…

  2. I love reading, but am a very slow reader as I “Absorb” the books rather than read them. Especially if I am enjoying the story. Definite pleasure reading. I do actually proof romance novels for a local author, that self-publishes. That I do for fun and she has become a very close friend. Because I read so slow, I am able to find the small glitches when a sentence doesn’t flow or there are minor mistakes.

    Love reading on my Kindle because I can find new authors and books I would never have discovered before.

    Keep writing, I enjoy reading your posts.

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