Become an Online Writing Icon By Following These Celeb Examples

Oprah Winfrey.


Pharrell Williams.


You don’t have to be a fan of these icons’ music or film to appreciate that they know something about art and how to market it.

Oprah The Innovative Leader.

Many of us do not remember Oprah’s old days. You have to catch that on YouTube now. She had the big hair, big business suits and she worked- for someone else.


Then she did something radical. Something truly amazing that revolutionized television forever…

But when Oprah entered the talk show scene in 1986, she “just blew the whole thing open,” McNamara said. Oprah became interested in what made people feel. What made them cry. What made them happy. What made them tick.(paraphrased-Mary McNamara, Television Critic)

Continue to revolutionize your writing. Take an aged subject matter, an idea, anything and make it your OWN. And secondly, begin to ask the big questions of your audience and your characters: What makes them cry? What makes them rage? What makes them happy?

I create a document of “character interviews” so I can know the deep psychology of each one and this drives the plot.

Oprah did not invent the talk show, but she knows people. So observe your family members, friends. Keep a notebook on you at all times and jot down conversations, and body language. This will make for a great blog post, poem, essay or a book.

BeyonceBeyonce. Consistent Game Changer

Destiny’s Child really was always Beyonce’s Child IMO because she stood in the forefront and could really market herself VERY well.

Album after album is a hit.

And  Beyonce’s latest promo had the world on the edge of their seat. We thought she was going to announce something huge- but she just wanted us to know she is Vegan too.

Please don’t make that same mistake. But here is what you do.

What you can take from this as a writer is developing your staying power. Especially if you are an author-preneur. Constant marketing and promotion of your works is key. And giving little morsels here and there to make the world crave what you will do next(but don’t drop the small vegan bomb like Beyonce did)

pharell happyYou can achieve this by utilizing social media platforms, commercials and my fav: Letting readers download a portion of your book for free or find some beta readers to review your book before it is published.

Pharrell Williams. Using Technology and Being Very Zen

I am not sure what meditative journey Pharrell has been on but we all need to take one.

He is not only a producer and rapper.

He sang the most popular song which made us all very “Happy”.

And now he is a guest judge on The Voice.

Your job as a writer is to find your center. Who are you and what is your voice and style?

Thanks so much for reading and please send comments if you have them!

Happy writing!

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