Review: ‘Sapient’, Blue Eyed Rats and a Dog Named Bear

This past week, I’ve had the pleasure of reading Sapient by Jerry Kaczmarowski and The Remedy by Ellis Asher. Both books mirror what you may see on the silver screen or on my favorite: Syfy channel. However, this post will focus on Sapient.

SapientSapient by Jerry Kaczmarowski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Book received for free from Netgalley.

How far would you go to cure the one you love?

Dr. Jane Dixon loves her son Robbie very much and because she loves him dearly, she is about to do the most dangerous thing a mother could do: she injects her autistic son with a serum that will hopefully make his autism disappear and allow him to at least be “normal” and say “I love you” with sincerity. She’s already experimented with a dog named Bear and an intelligent wise cracking rat named Einstein.

But the chain of events that transpire is nothing short of a thrill ride that blows up in Jane’s face.

My reaction to Sapient

Sapient was an unexpected techno thrilling breath of fresh air. Jerry Kaczmarowski injects a thrills and mystery with humor(courtesy of a blue eyed rat, which for me stole the show of the entire novel) and the plot asks the questions: What does it mean to be sick? To be human? To be humane?

It is a nearly prophetic tale of what would happen across the globe when/if someone’s passion to cure turns into, not merely a nightmare but a new future for those who have now become sapient.

I highly recommend this smart fiction, especially if you are a fan of Syfy’s Helix or any techno thriller.

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