These Creatures’ Homes Are More Worthy Than Any Other Human Built Structure

In response to “Intricate” on the The Daily Post.

What really trips me out, is not how the White House was built, not even the pyramids, certainly not how much Feng Shui can improve emotional qualities or how tedious it was to build the Soho Galaxy.

My fascination is in how something so tiny, something I kill daily by just walking can build these nice mounds with a tiny hole the size of my nail and lay them strategically upon the sidewalks and near the curbs. How do they know to make a home? Who gave them the “house” plans? And how come we do not care when we mess them up?

I am talking about the ant.

Just yesterday while walking and taking in the sites, I saw three ant mounds.-all lined up on the crack of the sidewalk. A sandy color, grainy, perfect; with a tiny hole for entrance and exiting. And for the first time in my life, I felt something clog up in my throat. Maybe it was surprise. Maybe it was sadness. I don’t know. All I know is that these little creatures, spent who knows how long on these beautiful homes(hey, who are we to judge?) and as children we have kicked them, smeared them in fun across the street and for added joy, some people burn the ants up.

So, just for today I feel truly honored to share a planet with creatures whose actions declare, “We are not small. We are a community that builds!

*P.S. I did not take these photos myself. They simply awakened a post inside me.

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