Exploring Foreshadowing, She Doesn’t Know About a Traitorous Heart Yet

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.


 There is a catch in her voice. I hear it from behind my bathroom walls. It is unmistakable that she is crying and then the slam of a door and the loud screech of tires from her driveway…



A few hours later, I stand behind my cash register and I have a long line. My heels hurt, my back aches and I can’t believe the assault that the hot crispy chicken sandwich has on my nostrils. The lucky customer I hand the change back to is about to tear open the silver foil packet and chomp into the chicken when I hear that familiar voice again.

“You said you were leaving her!” The voice was more a roar than actual speech.

My hand freezes over the register as I turn slowly to my left. The chicken customer dashes out the exit.

I notice it is such a beautiful day. The sun literally spreads gold dust over everyone’s vehicle making it look richer than before and a few couples walk barefoot to the store.

Image of Caffe Casa found on flickr.com

“Can you believe that woman?” A white woman with short brunette hair said in front of me. She holds a cute, small child in her arms.

But it doesn’t end.

I see where she is looking.

A tall, dark woman with long braids and the tiniest jean shorts on ever, has her hands on her hips and the man is muscular, clean shaven and has on sunglasses. He is the color of sand.

Even his voice is gritty when he says, “I told you I ain’t leaving family for no ho! You knew the deets, woman.”

My heart triples as I quickly ring up the lady with the baby. Her eyes are as round as saucers. The baby is sucking harder on her small, pink pacifier. The child is too young to understand matters of a traitorous heart yet…

Managers are just as clueless as we are and honestly want the good show to continue unfolding before us.

The dark woman’s hands fall to her sides. Realization must have hit.

“Hey! I said I want two Marlboro lights and some lighters ma’am.” I bite the inside of my lip as I rush to grab the cancer sticks and hand them to the impatient man with the long pick handing from yellow teeth.

I ring him up in record time too, but we are all hoping the couple will continue their argument inside.

But they storm off outside where it is sunny and gold.

And now it is time for me to let you know that only the morning foreshadowing actually happened.



4 thoughts on “Exploring Foreshadowing, She Doesn’t Know About a Traitorous Heart Yet

    • Awww, thank you so much for stopping by! I’ve been thinking of that conversation or those sounds all afternoon. This was the perfect time to write about it.

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