“If Earth Was Void of Form and Spirit”

Image source: Everystockphoto.com/Orca Splash by Peter Graham

This post is in response to Writing 101 Day 7 Challenge: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

“You salty, crass, fake monk of the globe!”

“You mimic a strong tower but you are weak, brittle- they rape you too.”

Land became silent.

“If I stay back…just a little, will you tell them to come back home?” Water said.

Land, shrugged, causing a ripple among trees in Africa, sway of palm trees in Florida. “Maybe. You’ve changed over the years.”

“I do cherish them. Give them back to me and I will recede. Only when the moon serenades me will I dance with you and cover you. Deal?”

Land huffed before replying: “Didn’t know you could bargain.”

Water said, “I learn very quickly. Know what else I can do?”

“Spill it.”

“My thoughts are hurricanes and monsoons-loud, but I am quiet enough to inspire haiku and even Scripture. I am not completely bad.”

“You never were bad, water.” Land sighed. “You are just…too much. You are what. 75% of this rock and who knows? Your parts are floating elsewhere in the galaxy. So am I, but, you know, here you are overtaking me.”

“Remember the pact?”


“The pact. There will never be any more worldwide floods.” Water paused. “I will not drown you.”

“Alright alright.” Land, with old age and many, many years tacked on suddenly yawned, stretched its knuckles, straits and islands- his knuckles hands and arms.

And with Water pulling back, not a lot but just enough for earth to convert to its original form:

Water whispers, “I will still overtake you.”

Earth. Void of form and spirit…


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