Day Five, Writing 101: A Brief Warning from My Kind

I see our star and it is the color of a Minneola orange and its sister stars are like sparkling white hot diamonds

Zero gravity, inside a spaceship, first time feeling light(unlike my earth weight), I float up to white space look down onto “desk space” with tubes and I do an air split having fun, and from my peripheral vision I see-

A piece of white notebook paper floating like square feather. Big blue letters …such an oxymoron how it dances and billows undulating slowly in the middle like a belly dancer before delivering hardcore words of warning:

SMACK- right in my face.


*This is in response to Day 5 Writing 101: Be Brief. Thank you!

Post edit: Now, the prompt said we are to want to return the letter, in this case I am unsure if the letter of warning was meant for the protagonist or the last astronaut…IDK.


9 thoughts on “Day Five, Writing 101: A Brief Warning from My Kind

    1. Interesting you should say that. I wrote a 25 page short fiction similar to this one and printed it out about eight years ago and sadly with all the moving around I’ve done- I lost all the work! In my humble opinion it was a decent story- but this post only has a few elements in common with it.

      Thanks for your response!

      1. It was a Blogger blog. I always ignored the notification to verify (or whatever). One day it was deleted.
        Now I have two blogs with the same content for backup, one in WordPress, one in blogger.

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