John Lescroart’s ‘The Fall’ Proves that Some Crimes Are Never Black and White

The FallThe Fall by John Lescroart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An African American girl falls from the sky, crashes into oncoming traffic and is pronounced dead…

So begins John Lescroart’s latest novel, The Fall. From this interesting beginning I knew I’d be in for some delicious twisted reading.

Seventeen year old, Anlya Grace Paulson was possibly pushed- or did she jump? off a bridge and there are at least three suspects in the story:

-Greg Treadway, a white male and child advocate for CASA(court appointed special advocate and eight grade teacher…
-Or Royce Utlee, a pimp.
-Or could it be the man who raped her before- Leon Copse?

The answer isn’t always in black and white.

And Rebecca, a.k.a. The Beck, two years fresh out of law school is now the defense attorney on the case, because as luck would have it, Greg Treadway, the case worker for Anlya’s brother was the last to see her and there are other details that are revealed which point more fingers at him, but you must read this story to figure out who it was.

There are a few twists, I promise you.

What is so significant about this work is that it has arrived during a time where crimes against African Americans seems okay and Lescroart does an excellent job presenting both sides of the case while introducing possible realities we don’t see on screen or the newspapers.

A recurring them in the work is “falling.” It seems that even those with good intentions or great careers have a moment of weakness and fall into bad behavior patterns.

I give this book 5/5 stars for relevance and superb writing.

*This book was an uncorrected proof sent for free from Netgalley.

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