The Fishburne Family Circle and Black Parents

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”

“Honor thy mother and thy Father is such a tall order for any child to fulfill, especially when said parent is either abusive or absentee. But in recent news, Laurence Fishburne and his silent response to his mom’s impending eviction caused a social media storm and raise the question: Do we owe our parents anything?

The short answer is no.

Laurence’s Side of the Coin

In my humble opinion, I believe there are three factors playing a role as to the reason why Fishburne- who is a celebrated actor in many genres of film, is choosing not to help his mom.

-He doesn’t care.
-He is unforgiving.
-He stops helping for unknown reasons.

We are the audience. Outside looking in, so we do not know the situation between his mom and him. I do know he is here, alive and healthy because of sacrifices she has made and perhaps she may have done something that hurt him really bad and again, we can’t judge. But what will cause a son to see his mom about to be homeless and not do a thing to help?

We also must realize, parents of child stars can be greedy and menacing. Remember Macaulay Culkin- the Home Alone kid?

Right now if certain friends and family members need my help I will not help them at all, simply because they were uncaring towards me or gossiped about me and I would not give a dime to them. I’ll repent later for this, but they need to learn a lesson.

So the short answer is no, we don’t actually owe parents anything, they are supposed to care for us anyway.


Ms. Fishbourne and the Role of Single Black Mothers

When it comes to raising kids alone, black mothers are viciously attacked and I guess it is little wonder since news stories and YouTube videos show them teaching their girls how to twerk, cuss and fight and of course the men are around to show little Ray Ray how to pick up and aim a gun…

But for those women(and some men) who did not wish upon a star one day to be single and raising a family, we must cut them some slack. There is no golden parenting book on how to best raise a child. You make mistakes as you go on. Because:

Who said parents were perfect?

Certainly not me!

But I am no parent and I can only imagine how a mother has to transform overnight and be both mom and dad to their seed. That requires being nurturing and a communicator as well as provider and leader…enough to make anyone tired and bipolar.

I say all this to say we just don’t know what that situation in the Fishburne family circle is. I am not judge, juror, or God. I just know that we are unsure of the dynamics of the situation and should not demonize Fishburne or his mother.


2 thoughts on “The Fishburne Family Circle and Black Parents

  1. We all have free will to choose. Life is a gift from God. Its a blessing and a test. We all answer. Some will pass and many will fail. I’m not judging but i will say Laurence is a great actor publicly and internally. He chose to distance himself from his family when he became calified. Hes cold hearted.

    • Hi Regina,
      I am am so glad you responded to this post. My goal of this post was to get different perspectives and now I truly know what to pray for among other highly important issues in this world.

      Thanks so much for your point of view as I am sure it is valid. Forgiveness and emotional healing is so important…

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