Magnolia Bay is Full of Storms, Casinos and…God in ‘Mississippi Weddings’

Mississippi WeddingsMississippi Weddings by Janet Lee Barton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now that I have finished reading all three books in the Mississippi Weddings series, my overall feeling of these Christian romances is that they appeal to women of all ages and they are sweet, quick reads- each can be finished in less than two days without interruption.

Unforgettable, introduces us to the inhabitants of Magnolia Bay and their decision to try and shut down casinos or at east bring in more tourists to help build up the Bay area. Here we meet Meagan Evans and Nick Chambers. Former high school sweethearts and Meagan is back in town but nearly engaged to Thad Cameron. When she runs into Nick though, old feelings sprout up and she knows Nick is her unforgettable love.

To Love Again was a bittersweet story about the widow Ronni Melrose discovering just how deep into debt her late husband put her and his mother through, and then she learns about his final huge secret which causes her to never trust a man again. Unfortunately for Cole, her dead husband’s cousin, she treats him with an icy regard. Cole already knows he is falling for Ronni and how could Brian had treated this lovely woman like that? Again, this story centers on Magnolia Bay and its election of the new city manager and bringing new life into the town.

Finally, With Open Arms is Thad Cameron and Dani Phillips story. Thad Cameron was the one who was sort of “engaged” to Meagan Evans in the first book but she chose her childhood sweetheart over him and now Magnolia Bay needs his help with advertising their town and he is gifted with violet eyed beauty, Dani Phillips, the city manager to show him around the Bay area. Sparks fly in this one.

All in all this series is quick to read through but in every book the residents and the main characters trust in God for nearly everything and things do work out according to His good.

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