Review: ‘To Love Again’ A Sweet Tale About Trusting God More Than Man

To Love AgainTo Love Again by Janet Lee Barton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is a really sweet book about loving God enough to move forward and love once more.

Ronni’s husband Brian has been dead for a year now and she often thinks of their arguments, the debt he put them in and his gambling problem. Since his death, she has been living with his mother- a sweet woman of God named Claudia.

Cole, Brian’s cousin visits Aunt Claudia and he is amazed at how lovely and sad Ronni is. And when he learns of Brian’s secret(the huge one), it could further destroy her. Yet, Cole wants to be the one to show Ronni how to love again- even though she may never trust another man this side of the moon.

My Reaction
Janet Lee Barton is the author of sweet Christian romances that are short and never simple. I like her books because they are perfect for Spring, rainy days or if you want to read a clean romance on the fly.

However, this book had one hang up– it focused entirely too much on the rebuilding of Magnolia Bay. If you had not read the first book of the Mississippi series, then I will tell you, it focuses on getting a new mayor for the town and raising up new businesses, minus the casinos.

The story focused quite a bit on Cole’s position as an architect and Ronni’s future as a manager finally putting her business degree to work.

These are not bad things in itself. There are certainly plot points that delve deeper into Ronni’s relationship with her mother in law and Cole’s feelings about his cousin. But there is only a few bits on that.

A sweet, quick romance deserving of four stars.

P.S. I can’t wait to read Thad Cameron’s story; the one that follows Unforgettable

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