An Ode to Sweet Fortune

Fortune Cookies
Image of Fortunes in a bag taken by EricaJean

*This is in response to Day 8 Writing 201: Poetry-Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe

I will be candid.
I’ve forgotten you for over three years now and it could be the caustic, cholesterol sodium reminder that
I’ve eaten out too much.

Maybe you remind me of how many times I consulted you while daddy was dying. You are majestic in your space of pebbles and grime collected over time.

However, the wayward winds of WordPress pressed me here to delve
into a poem about you and

Your fortunes held me captive whenever I breathed exhaled your haiku
of crisp Genral Tso’s over a bed of fluffy sticky white rice, little red dragons of sweet and spicy sugary perfection

Learn Chinese: pudding, “bu ding”

like your words of wisdom,
a snapshot of something hard to swallow but true all the same.
Oh, Fortune Cookie-

You aren’t my lip gloss, although you shine and apply gloss of wisdom over
my situation.
You aren’t my keys, but you’ve unlocked enlightening between conversations
me and him.

Him: “What do yours say?”
Me: “Mine says, ‘The difficulties of life should make me better not bitter.’ You?”
Him: “Mine says, “They fail who have not striven.'”

I’ve tossed you aside before, an after thought turned into an unnecessary mess, a forgotten thing
that once mean something
And now because I have to poem you, I drag you out to look at you
What you will discover will be yourself


3 thoughts on “An Ode to Sweet Fortune

  1. I really like how you formed this ode especially with metaphors to juxtapose objects and the fortune cookies. The stanza with the lip gloss and the keys stands out for me, very lovely and flowing.

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