My Netflix Nights: Season 1 of ‘Helix’ is a Trip and a Half

Helix|Syfy Channel

Helix,a Syfy Original,  created by Cameron Porsandeh, is about a team of scientists from the CDC called into the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak. Dr. Alan Farragut and his team are then faced with the most terrifying truth of science and evil.

Season 2 starts January 16 at 10/9 Central!

With elevator music selected for the most violent zombie biting scenes, a freezing cold location with cutting edge technology and just a bit of romance squeezed into there, Helix seemed like the perfect choice for me to watch. 13 episodes devoured quickly.

The opening credit is a trip though. For some reason, the producers uses Dionne Warwick’s Do You Know the Way to San Jose as theme music. I found myself humming the tune at work and then singing it in my husband’s ears while he eats.

So the question I asked myself mid way through the season is: Is Helix too late in the zombie game?

We have Walking Dead, Z Nation, World War Z, Warm Bodies and a dozen more zombie movies and shows- half of them on Syfy.

My answer is no.

Helix has something special going for it. I am not quite sure what it is. It is a far cry from a zombie as usual flick and the cool silver eyes some people have in the show are a bonus.

My favorite character in the show(and I never thought I would say this), is Dr. Hatake. Love the name. Love the elusiveness of him.

If you like science fiction, romance, and mystery then Helix is your choice for a Netflix Night!


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