She Is ‘Snowed in With Her Ex’, But the Snow Will Melt Sometime…

Snowed In with Her Ex (Brides and Belles #1)Snowed In with Her Ex by Andrea Laurence

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*This book was received for free for my unbiased opinion from Netgalley.

Bree Harper is a wedding photographer and never thought she’d be assigned to photograph her ex, Ian Lawson’s marriage to a pop star diva. Ian Lawson is sure he will go through with the wedding, but when he see that Bree will be the one photographing him and his fiancee, old feelings resurface.

And being snowed in with Bree Harper alone- was not in the plan.

Bree really loves Ian and wants to see him succeed at his own passions, not just being a producer and throwing himself into work all of the time. She watched her own father miss her birthdays and other important days and Ian may have gone down the same road. Meanwhile, Ian can not figure out why Bree can not love him for who he is. Perhaps it is because he hadn’t loved who he was for a decade.

And as things heat up between them, in a warm cozy cabin tensions mount up and spread its wings. It is all well and good, but will it last?

“They were just venting pent up desires and emotions and frustrations one each other while the snow kept the rest of the world from existing.

But what would happen when the snow melted?”(94)

Kudos to Andrea Laurence for such a twisted, seductive idea to put exes together during a snowstorm. Like any Harlequin Desire novel, this book was short, sweet and definitely to the point.

**Writing Devices Author Used

In Snowed In With Her Ex, Laurence’s title alone is enough to cause tension/conflict which drives the story. Imagine, being locked in with your handsome ex.

Secondly, the symbol in my opinion is snow.

It is pure white, it is cold but it is unique. Ian Lawson and Bree Harper are unique, driven individuals. They have to learn to accept one another for their flaws and strengths. Their love is not all fully put together, but it is warm enough to melt cool hearts.

**Extra not included in other online reviews.

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