My Netflix Nights: ‘My Little Monster’

my little monster
My Little Monster by Robico| Image found on

While watching Top 5 Anime Stolen Kisses, I was so tickled by how roughly Haru pulls Shizuka to him, possessive and sure, then lands a kiss-POP! right on her lips. I knew I had to look it up on either Hulu or Netflix.

I am a sucker for sexual tension and humor, so My Little Monster seemed perfect.

The Little Monster

Haru Yoshida is a tyrant. He fights, he is a pervert at times and just plain- a monster.

Shizuka is a straight A student and concerned only with studies. She carries herself as someone older than fifteen years. And she is given the task to convince Haru to come back to school. Her counselor has faith she can bring this rebellious boy to his studies.

The Little Monster and His Bookworm.

Being around Shizuka seems to tame him, but now his affections has turned toward her and even crazier-

Girls are beginning to like him!

I think Shizuka did too well of a job. She gets jealous and wants to throw herself back into her studies to rid her mind of him and what ticks me off is that they both say they love each other in almost every episode.

Yet it isn’t until a certain episode when the love really transforms- or does it? They should come out with a Season 2.

Love on a Progressive Scale.

My Little Monster may be just an anime with funny characters and all this sexual stuff(Haru mentions about having sex with Shizuka on more than occasion), however it is the dialogue they have which intrigues me.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you each said “I love you”, but each time you say it, it goes a bit deeper?(For some, I guess its the opposite)

When Haru first tells Shizuka he loves her and kisses her he does it while reading a romance novel as he tries to “get the feeling” of being in love. Per the reading he has done.

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The next time, Shizuka kind of admits to herself she loves him too, but could it be because he is now less of a monster? What about when she realizes other girls want him too?

Haru wants no one but Shizuka anyway.

I realize in my love life that each time I said I love you to my now husband, it grows deeper every day.  I meant it the first time we declared it to one another, but each day I learn more and more about him, I am intrigued.

We’ve celebrated our 6th year anniversary last week and let me tell you-

The love grows in leaps and bounds.

I hope it does for Shizuka and Haru too.



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