Get Inspired by Unique Poets and Their Stories

Unprocessed, not cropped. This was taken in Rikugi-en, a magnificent garden of the Edo period, built by Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa, a favorite of the Shogun Tunayoshi Tokugawa, as his villa in 1702. The name, Rikugi-en, came from "six elements ...
Red leaves are gone| Photography by ionushi


Ever wonder about the glorious life of a poet?

Okay, glorious is too big of a word to use, but Poets & Writers is  Breaking the Silence by featuring their debut poets who are very good at what they do, and the truth is this: If you want to be a poet or anything, it may take years and you may have to do it alongside your day job.

I consider myself a poet/writer, but let’s get real here. I have not been invited to weddings to recite my beautifully crafted sonnets and my poetry books have seen less than $20 in sales…..

I am still a poet.

Reading books of poetry and how to write poetry has helped me unlock some pretty cool stanzas in the past as well as finding inspiration in anything from sick baby birds under a bridge to plasticity of an old brain.

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But what encouraged me after reading P&W’s debut poets was the fact that for nearly all of them, it took years to complete their manuscripts and then months before publishing.

Each poet is unique in their own way and I love it. I even had a chance to listen to Sally Wen Mao’s poems from Mad Honey and if that doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure what will. She reaches in and explores the flora and fauna and mysteriously connects it to us humans. Very raw.

This new season will have me poeming more than ever. There is so much music, so many stories I’ve been exposed to.

How are your poetry journeys coming along? 🙂



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