Follow-Up Interracial Romance YA Novel By Shewanda Pugh, is ‘Bittersweet’

Bittersweet by Shewanda Pugh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*This ARC was received for free from the author, for my unbiased review.

*May be affiliate links in this post.

Bittersweet is a cresting wave of a tale which follows smoothly from the last book. It is hard not to be invested in Edy and Hassan’s story– and I do predict a Book Three in the future.

Edy Phelps and Hassan Pradhan are inseparable. No tradition, religion, and no race could break their bond. However in Bittersweet, Book Two of Love Edy, they both face unforeseen revelations to test their love. The only two issues with this story were Edy’s personality and plots I did not care for.

Edy’s personality befuddles me. At one point I understand why she chose to befriend Wyatt(the boy who fell in love with her but with wrong intentions I guess)- but she lied to him and toyed with his heart knowing she wanted Hassan the whole time. Wyatt’s character may be included just to reveal who Edy really is.

Hassan meanwhile rises to a “god-like” status with all the accolades he receives from top colleges and ESPN hosts who want to speak with him. Whatever choice he makes, Edy must be a part of it. But his mother Rani will not let that happen and what she does to try and split them apart is nothing short of wicked.

This is what leads Edy to be hot and cold towards Hassan. Will he be there for her or will his mom win?

“It didn’t matter what she thought. Edy would say her goodbyes and pray that every advantage came to Hassan. She loved him hard; she loved him best. She could want nothing but the wildest success for him.”(Pugh, 2014, pg. 113: Bittersweet)

Secondly, some plot points I glossed over or trudge through grimacing. Sorry, Ms. Pugh. You are an awesome writer, therefore I wanted to delve more into Hassan and Edy’s story instead of learning about Edy’s mother’s political travels or Hassan’s football training. Of course, these parts are germane to the story. It is just my own impatience I guess.

A great story I wish to follow. Delightful read indeed.

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