Tracking an Author: My No Edit Approach All Year Long

Today’s guest columnist on WD was Ted Boone and he wrote an excellent article on the “No Edit” approach to NanoWriMo. Here is what he says,

It’s not a bad plan. Turning off your inner editor during the month of November is often what aspiring novelists need. Getting bogged down in editing can often result in never finishing the manuscript in the first place. Editing is the bane of momentum.

Except, of course, when it’s not.

My confession?

I edit during NaNoWriMo.(Read more on NanoWriMo Pre Work)

He(as well as other commenters) concluded that some editing is not a horrible thing.

My opinion?

Do what you want. But know this: NanoWriMo is around the corner and if you have failed meeting the goal the last three years like I have, then you need to have a plan. The plan can include knowing who your characters are and their motivations before November 1st.

As you write, it is okay to edit. But when should you edit? I edit mine after writing the first 1,000 words or after each chapter.

If you think about it, this can be applied to all the months of the year. November is special because we are all in it together for 30 days and it has helped some authors achieve great success from what I hear so its great and I am so ready for NanoWriMo 2014!


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