My Pain is My Gain, Therefore I Live

Pain is Temporary by Live Life Happy

*This is in response to the DPChallenge: Pains and Gains

I learned a long time ago that no “pain, no gain” is the motto for all things in life. How dare we try to achieve anything, without the boil and toil of sweat and tears?

Three areas exemplify this:

  • Academics
  • Exercise
  • Christianity


Achievement for this came not by cheating, or asking the gods for help to “bless me with knowledge”.


Achievement came by staying up late at night to almost 3 a.m. with my father tutored me in fractions, multiplication and word problems. Repeating the same concepts over and over until I could sing them in my dreams.

Until I aced those tests.

When I took business math in college in 2006. It was probably the hardest class ever. It hurt to stay away from the movie theaters to learn about mortgage and annuities. It pained me to not take calls from my friends, just  to learn how the lottery system actually worked and to answer those dreaded word problems.

Other students, then and now are probably gifted to not even study, but my reward came from toil.


What is the evidence that I am gaining power through physical exercise?

That element is pain.

Half of the websites I visited say pain is not a good indicator of prime health.

Check out: What sore muscles really mean in this Women’s Health article!

I beg to differ.

When I feel that “twinge” of pain in my biceps, or in my calves- pretty soon I have a boatload of muscle there. In fact, one article I read many moons ago said,

“When you feel the pain, that is when you push harder because now you are really burning those calories.”

Wish I can find that article now.

Yet, none of us want pain. If we can exercise and feel like butterflies after(what does it mean to feel like a butterfly?)Where is the reward?


Don’t turn from the post yet. This is a strong topic but so very pertinent to the title.

Jesus sat with the people, He ate with them, taught them and went on walks. How peaceful.

But when it came time for Him to be the sacrifice for a human race- that barely knew Him, or would come to loathe him- he sweat blood, literally (In the bible: Luke 22:4 NIV) Not an easy task given from the Father upstairs.

Then worse: Being whipped, beaten, mocked and strapped to the cross/tree to hang and bleed and die a horrible death.

But this was to atone for our sins and this is not our reward, but given by grace- through His pain.

In The Matrix, Neo had to die to become invincible.

There are plenty more examples in my life of  how pain has transformed me and I am sure there are people who are given the body, the look, the grade, and the wealth because of social status, money or luck- minus the hard work.

But I am not a “coasting” human being. I do not just exist.

I live.


6 thoughts on “My Pain is My Gain, Therefore I Live

  1. Wonderful post! I started Corporate Finance last week for my MBA course and it is my last course. It makes cry, break out into a sweat and just stress so I understand your hardship on math in college; – well done!

    1. Ohhh, many thanks for your comment, Hotelgoddess! And I really do understand where you are coming from(congrats on earning your MBA really soon!)

      Some things really do come by pain. I wish it didn’t sometimes, depending on what it is 🙂

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