Buzzworthy Books for 2014: Human Dragons and Interplanetary Pastors

Buzz Books 2014: Young AdultBuzz Books 2014: Young Adult by Publishers Lunch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The heavy hitters of fiction this year 2014 will definitely be Ellen Hopkins and Julie Kagawa.

Ellen Hopkins will be releasing Rumble this August 2014 and this time it is focusing on what the heck should we believe in when life throws craziness and hurt our way? Matthew Turner decides that since he can’t believe in God or a god- he will live life in a big way and go out with a bang.

That is, until he hears a rumble that changes his life…

Why am I excited for this release?
I am a fan of Ellen Hopkins’ verse books and truthfully the summary reminds me a little of Smoke and Burn.

Yet I feel on the edge of my seat because what the heck will the rumble be? How will it change Matthew Turner’s life? Will the book be a part of a series?

Next, is Julie Kagawa’s Talon– it will grip its readers in this modern fantasy about dragons that walk in human and merge with human society. One teen dragon will cross paths with a soldier and then there’s a rogue dragon prowling around…

Why am I excited about this?

I am excited because I am unfamiliar with Kagawa. I don’t know a thing about this author’s books besides seeing her name on the binding in the teen section of libraries.

Secondly, who can pass up the opportunity to read about dragons existing in human form and the possibility of romance and war?

What about other buzz worthy books 2014?

Other titles caught my interest too, just much as these two. For example, Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley looks good enough to dive into. It is about Sarah Dunbar, a black honors student who is the first black to attend Jefferson High School, and is placed in remedial courses and spat on.

Buzz Books 2014: Fall/WinterBuzz Books 2014: Fall/Winter by Publishers Lunch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This Fall 2014 will be exciting for book lovers.

Starting with John Scalzi‘s Lock In. Fifteen years from now, a virus sweeps the globe and while it makes some sick and kill others, the rest are “locked in”. Unable to move but aware of everything- very creepy.

The next book to leap to is The Book of Strange New Things– a pastor, missionary and devoted husband, accepts a trip to another planet, and while things seem to go well as they seem to accept the teachings, pastor Peter learns of earth’s perilous future: it isn’t so bright and his wife is still there.

What will happen?

Follow his faith or his heart?

Finally, I am looking forward to Lacy Eye. It appears to be a mystery of whodunit format. Dawn brings home her boyfriend Rud and the family is happy that she has “blossomed” however, her parents are bludgeoned with a mallet and the father dies and Rud is a suspect, but there may be a twist and Dawn is not who she appears to be.

What is the excitement in each of these books?

It will be great to review these books when they are released because medical thrillers I have laid down long before but I am interested in Locked In‘s potential. The Book of Strange New Things may be a Christian Fiction but at least it is taking place on another planet-very unique and appealing to me. And finally Lacy Eye involves courts, murder and mystery- a recipe for a killer novel.

*ARC provided by Netgalley

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