“Looking Right Dead At Me”-Fictional Origins

Looking Right Dead At Me!

Gazebo Take 2 by Erik Przekop

I fell asleep one night and never woke up. Anyone can attest to what happens when you are poisoned(anyone who is dead), but I digress. I fell into a deep one and woke up encased in a wooden gazebo with glass all around-no one in or out. I saw people, animals, trees and could smell them!

But I could not touch the living.

A small boy ran up to gazebo wearing a red jumper and had a part down the middle of his dark hair, light in his eyes and rainbows striking his translucent skin. He could have been at least six or seven.

He waves his hand at me.

I wave back.

I’m dead. but is he too? How can his skin be so translucent and pretty?

I looked all round, everyone else looked just like him. There was no distinction of race here: everyone was nearly see through. They jumped and morphed into balls of bubbles, then would bounce off trees and land on the sea.

Bubbles. People were like bubbles.

And the young boy with dark hair stared t me: “Am I really dead?” I asked him. I pantomimed death by grabbing my throat and making hacking sounds and then careened to the ground in an elegant theatrical fashion.

His eyes widened as he smiled, showing rows of white teeth.

He clapped hard. “We are all here!”

Did he say what I thought he said?

Then he said something else, and I saw his body stretch. Arms became longer and his skin complexion changed coloring. He was as brown as new mud and his hair was as long as mine.

Living Dead
Wow Living Dead Girl by Ryumo

“I am right dead as you!”


“I am right dead as you!” He repeated, pointing at me. More an more he began to look familiar..he resembled-

“A doppelganger? Me?”

I needn’t ask more because he was like me now. Somehow, in this world, people can be who they wish and I just witnessed a boy transforming into…me.

Several years later and many lost memories to boot, I found myself reincarnated. Not in the sense of what the Hindus believe but my mind has been reborn elsewhere and I tried capturing my experience on a piece of scroll paper.

Lost it along the way on my way back to Earth.

And yet I have seen that the new humans’ do have look-a-likes. Called twins.

But I am cautious when I hear a human, that may have stolen my words say, “I’m looking right dead at you!”

Truth be told, you could be dead, looking at a bubble person pretending to be you.


*Okay so this is my drafted attempt at explaining where we get the phrase, “I’m looking right dead at you”. The narrator states they wrote their story and it fell into the hands of modern society. I think the reason is far more profound than that, but blessings!


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