Why ‘Waters Fall’ is worth your 48 hours

Waters Fall Becky Doughty
Waters Fall

You read that right. Within 48 hours, you will finish this book. Perhaps sooner.  Please read a bit of the review below so you can get a “feel for it now.


In a story that can only be called raw and amazing, ‘Waters Fall’ is certainly a book that will make you flinch. It has infidelity, pain, bitterness, and is so well told that Becky Doughty now has fans under her hooks.

Waters Fall is about a marriage falling apart. Nora is tired of something or wants something more and the prologue introduces her sinking under icy waters at Anderson Hollow(the water is a very significant symbol in this book).

Eventually Nora meets Tristan- the very attractive, carefree artist and suddenly she begins to adore everything about him: his art, his his studio-his charm. All to the destruction of her marriage and what makes things worse, she has two children and a husband.” (Waters Fall Review continues here)

Okay so here is how I feel about each character- SPOILER ALERT!

Oh, and it is Christian Fiction.

My psychological profile for Jake the husband

Jake in the beginning, seems like such a great guy. However, in the prologue it seems he is bugged by Nora as she goes under the water fall at Anderson Hollow. All is revealed later. He fixates on Nora too much. He is addicted to her, he worships her and this is what the bible calls Idolatry. I could tell from the first thirty or so pages that Jake really adores his wife. Sure he had his drinking days a decade back, he has changed and he is a caring father and actually likes to be around his wife. Who wouldn’t want that? In my opinion, Jake failed in two areas: 1)Putting his wife on a pedestal, and 2) appearing too needy of her.

My psychological profile for Nora

Readers may disagree with me, but the entire time I was like, “Really Nora? Really?” She basically drives her hubby to drink again with her nagging and passive attitude towards him.  Yes, she nags and is very passive at the same time. My heart hurt when the oldest child, Leslie –told her father, maybe he can help out a little more and that “Mommy made it because she is smart.” Why can’t he be like her…or something like that. Nora’s response was not that great of a defense for her husband.

I think Nora is a person who never forgives-we all have this trouble on some level. Maybe Jake did so many bad things that now she hates him for it. Funny, but in two separate scenes, they both scream that they hate the other(not in each other’s presence). Also, I think she fails to see that Jake may actually enjoy staying with the kids- that is not called earning a keep. There are so many deadbeats around here and here she has a husband who cooks, cleans, and cares for the kids.

He did have some kind of job that was not doing well, but he needed encouragement, not a stingray in his behind all the time. Nora fails in two places: 1) She is unforgiving and 2) well, she cheats on her hubby.

My psychological profile for Tristan

Oh, Tristan. The carefree artist who is very, very tall, very handsome and very much available to Nora. He was in her sights for a reason. Right when Nora began to let her spirit roam and fall away from God, here comes trouble(same syllables and word count as Tristan- hmmm.)

I think he never loved Nora, but he was in lust with her. He told her all the things her flesh wanted to hear. And maybe on some level he may have been truthful about wanting her for himself, but he is not her husband and he displays protectiveness over her in one scene.

To dally in lust and play in another’s garden is enough to encourage the blood to sizzle and roar and who doesn’t want that fascinating feeling of pure passion. Who doesn’t want someone to want them? Tristan fails in one area: messing with another man’s woman.

Question: Is Tristan the bad guy here?  Who’s the big baddie here out of all three characters?

This is why the book is worth your 48 hours(some of you may take longer to read this book, it is okay). You will literally be glued to the pages trying to see if Nora can get her act together and will Jake even take her back.

buyDefinitely a book to buy and own!

Book Details:

Waters Fall, Becky Doughty

BraveHearts Press(May 2014)

Ebook Edition



2 thoughts on “Why ‘Waters Fall’ is worth your 48 hours

    • Awww, thanks Heather! I was originally going to wait and do a draft of this review but had to jump on this while fresh. I mean, the characters touched me and I wonder if there will be a follow up novel.

      If not, the book was still awesome!

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