7 Sexy grammar rules I’ve learned from ‘Kiss My Asterisk’

Kiss My Asterisk
Kiss My Asterisk by Jenna Baranick

Want to learn grammar the feisty, sexy, and fun way? Tired of boring grammar books that are not a good example of how to learn grammar?

I swear, I never was into grammar like that(even though I have a blog on writing though…oops), but anyway the way teachers have taught us in the past was forceful and routine, blabbed about from their own grammar book(s) or whatever textbook held in their hands.

All those adverbs, adjective talk, commas, ellipses and how to write a paper really got our dander up and we figure, “Dang! I’d like to write well or at least learn to edit my own junk, but this stuff is difficult to know and apply!”

I  went online downloaded Kiss My Asterisk by Jenna Baranick and knew not what to expect. Here is a list of  7 things I learned from this feisty grammar guide that we all need to keep on our desks:

  • What do we do about spelling? Well, Google corrects us every chance it gets. Gone are those big, dictionaries sitting on our desks.
  • Missed periods and run on sentences, what is the difference anyway?
  • My favorite: Goldilocks and the Three Bars: EN dash, EM Dashes, and Hyphens
  • Don’t let your feelings control your comma usage.
  • Appropriate ways to learn how to use ellipses.
  • Paris Hilton, the heiress is used as a good example of when to use capitalization.
  • Premature ejaculating emails: add the email addresses last before you shoot off misspelled and messy letters(wow!)

This handy grammar guide also comes equipped with exercises at the end of every chapter and an answer key in the back. In fact, I will be working on all those today now that I am finished the book.

Here’s a quote from Kiss My Asterisk:

These are words that hang out together very  often but they swear they only like each other as friends. However because they spend so much time together, people think they actually belong together. These words are a and lot.[Last part paraphrased](p.25)


As you can see, the whole book  had me giggling hard to the point of almost needing stitches! That is rare. So many grammar books are so serious and so formulaic, this one is at the top of its game.

I do hope Mrs. Baranick write more books like this one. She is witty, funny, and very intelligent.

Rating:buy Definitely a book to buy!

Book Details

Kiss My Asterisk by Jenna Baranick

Published: Sky Horse Publishing(2014)

ISBN: 978-1-6-62873-750-9




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