‘Scandal’ is now my new addiction, thank you netflix!


Alright, so I have been hearing about this show and watched one episode last year and after that I got too busy with life. The comments range from “it’s fantastic!” to “I am losing brain cells watching this”. ‘Scandal’ starring Kerry Washington and whole cast of wonderful actors/actresses, is about a woman(Kerry/Olivia Pope) who is a Fixer that wears a white hat. I suppose I can call her a Public Relations expert who takes in those who are at their lowest point and need a situation fixed asap.

She investigates scandals but the big kicker is that she is part of a huge scandal that hasn’t really leaked out yet: she slept with the president(President Fitzgerald Grant) and he is madly in love with her and yes, he is very married.

I clicked through YouTube to see what people had to say and have talked with people on my job and yes, Scandal is popular among any race of people.

But I have also heard some say, “Hey! This is  a show about a black woman having sex with white men!”

I had to investigate. Because, really. Have they even seen the show?

I watched the entire first season on Netflix and do you know what I saw?

No sex(well, not at this time). Just episodes dealing with murder, publicity, government stuff- no sleeping around. However eventually, the taboo love story between Olivia Pope and Fitz happens and it is a trippy love story- a woman of color being with a president and all.

What is even more great about the show is that Pope and Grant’s love affair is secret and actually  fits in with the title of the show. The other cast members have their own stories and the show pushes forward with excellent plot lines and scenes and I am so very glad Scandal has a diverse cast. If humans of all colors reside on this globe, why should television be one color?

Thank you Shonda Rhimes for delivering awesome story to the networks and keep up the good work! 🙂



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